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July 23, 2017 / mohammadanisulhoque


June 16, 2013 / mohammadanisulhoque

Interview ,Photoquai 2013

« Quest for Self » est un travail conceptuel à propos de la vie,de la mort et de l’âme ; le photographe Mohammad Anisul Hoque nous en raconte la genèse depuis son atelier à Dacca (Bangladesh).
« Quest for Self » is a conceptual work about the life, the death and the soul ; the photographer Mohammad Anisul Hoque is telling us its genesis from his studio in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

June 1, 2012 / mohammadanisulhoque

Quest for Self

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In my six years of age someone told me, “Take a look at your mother’s face very closely.” I asked, “Why?” My elder sister replied, “Mom is death; death means nothing. Now some people will take her away from us. But after three days she will come back to us.”

My body lives on the life which grows by taking vital energy from the sunlight. Again my body supplies nutrient to its life. It’s an endless circle.

I came from nature and will return there. This life was not mine. I was in a different world where there was no time, no birth or death. There was a king of forbidden tree. It taught me the game of death and new life which it used to play by slough off its skin.

Now, metamorphosis happens to me. I reach in old age after passing my childhood, adolescence and youth. After old age I go to different world- the world which I can feel a little bit in sleep.

Now I don’t know the path and nature of that world, where I was once. So, I am searching ‘me’ within myself- ‘the me’ which is not only a body, not a sense, not a mind, not even an intellect- then where that ‘me’ exist in this universe.